Vendor Integration Program

Close more sales while meeting your customers’ evolving needs. Our Vendor Integration Program – VIP – gives your business a competitive edge by providing your customers with access to on-the-spot lease financing. 

Our programs are innovative and designed for almost every kind of equipment in a variety of industries and market segments including dealers, resellers, manufacturers, distributors and end users. We can help position your business for sustained growth and success all the while achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction.

Increase Sales & Transaction Size

Your business will be able to attract customers that have been looking for financing options. Providing a payment schedule for a customer reduces the sticker shock and increases sales and the size of the transactions.

Customer Satisfaction & Repeat Sales

Providing financing for your customers will allow for further customer satisfaction. Once they realize the simple process of receiving capital to purchase their equipment they will become repeat customers.

Co-Branding & Dedicated Adviser

Equipment Finance Canada will assign a dedicated adviser for your business and create a customized financing program specific for your needs. We will also provide co-branded documents that show your business logo.

Quick Approvals & Payment

We at Equipment Finance Canada pride ourselves on fast approvals and payment turnaround. We can approve a customer in less than a day and expedite the your payment process to be issued within 24-48 hours of finalizing documentation.

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