Not ready to buy or haven’t found the
perfect equipment for your business?

No problem, Equipment Finance Canada also provides Pre-ApprovalFinancing to give you the confidence moving forward. A Pre-Approval is essentially a confirmation of funds from one of our financial lenders. The Lease Pre-Approval can be obtained just as quick as any other credit decision and can be done all online. Once we have obtained an approval, you will have a guideline of what you are able to afford.


Once you have a Pre-Approval on hand you can now shop for the equipment you need. Whether you are a well established business or just getting started, equipment auctions are great for finding affordable equipment your business requires to operate. Equipment Finance Canada can help provide a Pre-Approval before you go to auction so that you can confidently shop and bid on equipment.

Many auctions are now online and can be accessed anywhere around the world. Equipment Finance Canada can help lease finance all types of equipment whether you are looking to purchase at a local auction or online auction abroad. Along with standard documentation, we usually require an estimated amount you are looking to bid and information on the equipment you need. Once we have this information we can obtain an approval within 24 hours so that you can get bidding. Speak to one of our advisors to see how we can help you win your next auction bid.

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